Evoke International Design | Commune Cafe

Commune Cafe


CLIENT: Samel Holdings

Completed: 2012

Floor area: 1,300 sf

Occupant load: 24 + 26 patio + takeout

Commune Café is a modern “Take Out Eat In” space organized around the service kitchen, with large custom food display units and dark stone countertops. The dining area has a capacity of 26 seats, and is comprised of a long white oak communal table with 18 red lacquer chairs and custom built booths at the perimeter. The four 2-person booths are cushioned with recycled wool industrial felt. Above the communal table hang three cork pendant lamps. At the back of the dining room there is a large scale, vibrant mural that depicts a time when the cafe was the hub of social life and the inspiration for the exchange of ideas and creativity.

There is a common design language used throughout Commune with Evoke being responsible for: interior design, custom-designed furniture, wall mural design and illustration, menus and all branding.

Photography: © Janis Nicolay Photography